Comprehensive Swim Program

With over 20 years of teaching experience have moulded our quality comprehensive swim program. Stanford endeavours to develop a high teaching standard of water safety, learn to swim and squad program. We help children to develop a lifelong love of swimming.

Clown Fish

Stage 1 Water confidence & Swim foundation

To gain water confidence and to build swimming foundation techniques.

Sea Otter

Stage 2 Basic Freestyle & Backstroke

Efficient learning for Basic Freestyle & Backstroke as well as extending the swimming distance and revising the water safety skills.


Stage 3 Breaststroke

Breaststroke kicks, arms and breathing coordination, treading water and shallow dive.


Stage 4 Stroke Development & Butterfly

Butterfly focuses on hip movement and kick/arm/breath coordination as well as perfecting of all 3 strokes.


Stage 5 Pre-Squad

Advanced techniques of all 4 strokes to enhance competition skills and endurance. Learning basic dive, turns and finishes.


Stage 6 Junior Squad

Further development of the competitive technique and endurance across all strokes. Strengthening, starts and turns, endurance and speed





Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School


Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School


"Our 3 children have been swimming at Forest Lake for 2.5 years. The teachers and staff have always been amazing, the children have gone from being scared of the water to swimming confidently. They have all consistently improved from day 1."

Michelle Siebenhausen

(Forest Lake)


"We have been swimming here for 12.5 years. All  three of my children have swum at this centre. I am always telling everyone how pleased I am  with the progress of my children’s swimming, it’s fantastic. The staff are very approachable and I have always found if a problem occurs it is easily fixed. 5 Stars all the way! ."

Sharron Lowe

(Everton Hills)

" Freya was scared of water very much before she met her favorite teacher Mr. Aaron. When she joined Mr. Aaron's class her swimming improved quickly and she always tried her best to swim. Now she can swim very well. At her school swimming carnival she even won a second place for her age group. Thank you very much to Stanford for the best teachers and thank you Mr. Aaron."

Student - Freya

Parent - Sherry

(Sunnybank Hills)

" Our children have been swimming with Stanford since they opened. We have found all the staff to be helpful, patient and friendly every time we visit. The boys have achieved beyond our expectations due to the wonderful instructors. I would recommend Stanford Swim School to anybody looking for quality teachers and a friendly environment"

Student - Matthew & Mitchell

Parent - Micheal & Wendy

(Sunnybank Hills)