Terms of Make up lessons

1. Each term includes 12 - 14 lessons, regardless of sick leave or casual leave, a

maximum of 2 courtesy make up lessons can be granted with completed form and supporting documents.

2. All make up lessons must be completed within the same term of the missed

lesson. Make up lessons cannot be postponed to the next term.

3. Unsuccessful arrangement of make up lessons cannot be transformed as a

lesson credit.

4. Arranged make up lesson cannot be rescheduled. Regardless the reasons for

the absence in the make up lesson. The arranged make up lesson would be regarded as forfeited by the applicant.

5. Sick leave – MUST provide Medical Certificate as reference.

6. Casual leave – MUST provide relevant supporting document.

7. Definition of Casual leave – Wedding (Invitation Card), School activity (Notice),

Holiday (Itinerary or Accommodation booking)

8. Casual leave must be applied 4 weeks in advance; late application will not be processed.

9. Parents are responsible to contact Stanford Swim School office to organize make up

lesson for their children

10. Courtesy make up lesson is a service we offer subject to availability, we offer no

  assurance that they will be able to be booked.

Make up lesson application form



Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School


Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School