To mark absent and book your makeups online click here




Step 1: Login in.

            Username: Email Address Registered with Stanford Swim School

            Password: Please ask our friendly staff for default password

Step 2: Check your email to get your first login access code

Step 3: You will then be asked to enter code and create a password


Marking a lesson Absent


Step 1: Enter your registered email address and password

Step 2: Click “Classes” then Click “Current Bookings” in drop down tab

Step 3: Click "Manage" tab for the student to mark absent lessons student will be missing

Step 4: Click "Mark Absent" for the dates student will be absent.

This cannot be done within 6 hours of the student’s lesson. You will need to contact the centre via email (preferred) or phone to mark as absent.


Book a Makeup Lesson


Step 1 to 3: Same as Booking Makeups

Step 4: Click "Manage" tab for the student to show if there are any makeups outstanding

Step 5: Click "Book Makeup" tab, select date and time for available makeup lessons and follow the prompts.



Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School


Copyright 2017 Stanford Swim School